It's good to see that this kind of research is being done, but having read the abstract of the article I can't help but feel a little anxious.

This is a treatment against leukemia, but previous gene therapy research (about CD34 instead of CD19) has shown that modifying cells in the immune system (or associated with them) with retroviral transduction techniques can in turn cause leukemia itself. The goals of these two studies are very different but the potential side effects are very similar.

Now the enormous difference is that gene therapy is in vivo transduction and that the transduction in this study was done in vitro but was performed, like gene therapy, using retroviral transduction. Retroviral transduction has the potential downside of incorporating genetic material into unfortunate places like protooncogenic promotors/genes, which could promote unwanted (over)expression of said protooncogenes.

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Funding effective family planning in developing countries is money well spent.

Canada's minister for international development has spoken with her Dutch counterpart about a proposal by the Netherlands to fund abortions overseas in the wake of President Donald Trump's move to ban American funding for such services.

Lilianne Ploumen, the Dutch minister of foreign trade and development co-operation, announced her desire to establish an international fund earlier this week after Trump signed an executive order that prohibits funding to international organizations that promote or perform abortion.

Bibeau's office says she and Ploumen have spoken on a regular basis about sexual and reproductive rights, including abortion.

Promoting abstinence straight up doesn't work. This has led to a huge amount of utterly wasted resources on account of those people who insist on having ideology rule the day rather than relying on evidence and results based policies.

Providing access to family planning resources results in fewer unintended pregnancies and fewer abortions - and those that are carried out are done so in a safe and professional way. These are very good things, but they are completely lost on those who are content to see US abortion politics outsourced to foreign aid policy. Glad to see these countries pulling up the slack for Trump's farcical behavior here.