A panther is traditionally a way that ignorant people have referred to black leopards, black jaguars are of the Panthera genus.

Panthera is a genus consisting of:

  • Panthera leo - lion
  • Panthera tigris - tiger
  • Panthera onca - jaguar
  • Panthera pardus - leopard
  • Panthera uncia - snow leopard

Big Cats

A big cat is a somewhat flexible group, with different people/organizations including or excluding cheetahs and pumas.

All of which are wild animals. And they cannot be domesticated. Tamed, maybe.

Taming is when you train an individual of a wild species to act well around you. Domestication is a species that's been bred to work well with humans.

A tamed animal will always be more wild and unpredictable than a typical domestic animal, and therefore dangerous, if the animal caretaker doesn't know what they're doing.