I've noticed since the launch of the new star wars comic book canon that there is no list and/or guide to what comics are key issues and why they are significant. There is, however, several key issues and lists out there, like this that help with Vol. 1 and anything before the new canon. Although lists like these are great, most are not updated to today’s canon.

Well, no need to worry anymore because I am going to break down what I think are key issues, significant issues, and ones that may be worth something eventually, exclusively for the new Star Wars canon. Since some of these are still relatively new and not too popular in the comic book community, a lot of these will be pure speculation, with some reasoning behind each choice. Also, most of these comics aren't even a year old so the comics still have room to grow in terms of demand.

Lastly, some important things to note. I will be listing these series and comics in order of when they take place in the new canon, using this link as a guide. I will also not be focusing on variants, such as Star Wars #1, which has like 100+ of them. And anytime I mention a comic assume I mean the first print unless I specify. You can also assume the price of the comic is around cover price unless I specify. And finally, whenever I mention a character's first appearance, I'm referring to their character's first appearance in the comic universe's current canon.

Obi-Wan and Anakin:

This series was overall really good, offering much insight into the relationship between Anakin and Obi-Wan, along with Anakin and Chancellor Palpatine. It's not a must read, but it is important for hardcore fans. Although it is great, nothing too important happens for me to recommend any of these as a key issue, but I would still recommend picking this mini series up. There is only one moment that might make you consider grabbing one of these as a key issue.

Darth Maul - Son of Dathomir:

This mini series is a bit of a black sheep and probably the hardest to get a hold of in SW canon.

This is because it was published by Dark Horse Comics, rather than Marvel, towards the end of them owning the rights to SW comics. It also had a lower print run and deals with Darth Maul post Clone Wars era. Those reasons are enough to want this. Ebay listing are sparse and other sites don't have it for sale too often. This was also based on SW: The Clone Wars scripts. I would recommend getting the entire series because it is in high demand and low quantity right now.

That awkward moment when you learn that four of your comics are collectively worth $120+

Princess Leia:

This was the first mini series that Marvel put out last year. This came along with the new #1's that started the new comic canon as well. I honestly don't think this series will be sought after, but some arguments can be made for it's worth. This series was also not received as well as the other two launch titles, so that may play into it as well. If I remember correctly, they printed a lot of this series, so they are not in short supply.


This series was not bad, but it certainly did not meet the standards set by the other series in the current canon. For that reason, this Saturday morning cartoon of a story is not very sought after at all and will probably never get any traction.

Han Solo:

Although this series is not done yet, it is becoming one of my favorites. It has Han Solo, a space run, amazing art, and plenty of action. That should be reason enough to grab this. As of now, nothing screams "key issue" at me for the issues released so far, but that can change. As of now, I will include #1 just because Han Solo is super popular, but keep an eye out for the rest of them.

Star Wars (Main Series):

This was the series that started it all in the beginning of 2015, being more of the official comic start to the new canon. Many issues in this had a big print run, but there is a ton of first appearances and crazy events that make some issues a must have. This series is a must have for the new canon and here are just a few that caught my eye.

Darth Vader:

This was the other flagship ongoing series that launched the new Marvel canon in comics. There are also a decent amount of first appearances and reoccurring characters that are pretty important. The earlier issues are looked at right now as well. Since this series is about to end and is overall received well, there are many good key issues in here.


In my opinion, I feel like this series is the most underrated out of all the new canon. I don't think it had amazing sales and it is definetely not going for much, but this was an amazing series that took everyone by surprise. In terms of key issues, #1 and maybe #2 is probably the only ones worth getting if you like these characters, but it's future worth increasing is a stretch. I would say the completionists out there should get this.

Shattered Empire:

Oh man, this series was fantastic. Not only was it good, it was the first comic to take place post Episode 6. So everything we learned from this story was completely new and fresh, which was a nice change in pace. It also introduced some characters that are very important to the future of Star Wars. I also think the art in this series is the most impressive out of all the SW comics. But for all the reasons I just mentioned, I'm fairly certain it had a large print run, meeting the demand for copies by the public, meaning the price for these may not rise anytime soon. But who knows, it may see a surge in popularity soon.

C-3PO #1:

This one-shot certainly had polarizing views among the SW community. Some hated it, some loved it. Personally, I enjoyed the story quite a bit. Not to mention, we even find out how he got the red arm! Since C-3PO isn't too popular of a character I don't see this getting any traction any time soon. So I would hold off on this one.